Preparing for Compulsory Languages at KS2 – Webinar

Preparing for when languages become compulsory at KS2. A webinar by the British Council on April 25th.

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Studis Online

Studis Online deals with the world of work for German students. Authentic texts for potential use in sixth form.

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Spanish Stress Patterns Worksheet

TaskMagic has an interesting sheet to practice stress patterns in Spanish.

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Jeu chante en classe

A site with free French songs.

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Lively Latin

An article discussing the lively role Latin plays in out lives today.

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Authentic Spanish Resourcres

Authentic Spanish Resources is a wikispaces page with resources which are authentic and in Spanish.

Italian Resources from Oxford Dictionaries

Italian Resources from Oxford.

MFL Online

MFL Online is a site containing useful resources linked to MFL.


A website gathering resources from the York PGCE cohorts.

Mind your Language!

A blog post from The Learning Spy, looking at language and pedagogy.